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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Change Life...In His Own Words...

Hi, my name is Odell Reed,

I am one of the original first twenty six (26) Veterans to move into the Dr. Maurice J Heart building at the New Visions Omaha Campus. Like many of my fellow veterans with disabilities, service connected post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other forms of addictive behavior, I had a very hard time adjusting to life. Just getting released from prison the third time in my life, I needed a miracle to turn my life around.  I found the doors of the Dr. Maurice J Heart building at the New Visions Omaha Campus. 

The program, The Veterans Transitional Living Program designed to help the veterans of the United States get back on their feet while aiding in their recovery from trauma, PTSD, financial loss, relationship issues, and general life problems of any kind.” helped me to overcome many barriers that formerly kept me from functioning at my full potential.

While a resident at the “New Visions Omaha Campus,” I began a journey of sobriety from crack cocaine, and ongoing mental health care for PTSD issues that had my life bound for destruction. As a resident of New Visions, I maintained sobriety from all mood altering substances. I complied with programming and mental health therapy designed to enhance and to make my life improve. Being a resident at New Visions was more than a blessing in disguise, it was a blessing that changed my life, and it’s where I found restoration and salvation. I thank God for the New Visions Omaha Campus, they helped me to get a brand new lease on life.

Some of my major accomplishment while at the Dr. Maurice J Heart building at the New Visions Omaha Campus include, restored family relationship, twenty two (22) months of sobriety with ongoing counseling and therapy, debt relief of more than $80,000.00, VA service-connection compensation increase, enrollment in college, reinstatement of driving privileges, and best but not least, finding and marrying my wife.   

Thank You For All You Do,

Odell Reed

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

From Homeless to Staff Member

John G. came to our program almost 8 years ago. John had been chronically homeless for over 3 years and was in and out of homelessness most of his adult life. John was homeless due to his constant battle with addiction to methamphetamine and alcohol. John decided to come to MOHM'S Place (our meal site) and see if he could get a warm meal and some help with recovery. With the faithful help and support of all of our partners, that is exactly what John

Over the course of the next few months, John began to work in the ministry as a volunteer as he dealt with his destructive habits and addictions. John quickly received the recovery support and aid he so desperately needed and has maintained his sobriety since 2004.

Soon after achieving his sobriety, John was put in our work program and began employment as a supervisor in our thrift store. John quickly showed a managerial attitude in his work ethic and excelled in each position that he held in the ministry. He was eventually promoted to the Store Manager and was put on staff full time at New Visions.

John continued to make progress in every area of his life. Soon after making such progress, John was married to a woman he met at church, Sheila. The two of them have their own home and enjoy the company of their dogs and horses.

John currently works full time in the ministry as the facilities director and lawn service manager.

We, together, are changing lives one person at a time!

Your donations, partnership, and support continues to help us make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. 
Thank You.