Joshua House

The Joshua House is our 24 Hour Mens Emergency Shelter that meets the needs of homeless men in and around the Council Bluffs, IA/ Omaha, NE metro area. The purpose of the Joshua House is rooted in and grounded in the bible. The bible says in Joshua 1, that God commanded Joshua and the children of Israel to go into the promise land and to possess and take over the land. As a result, Joshua led the children of Israel into some of the greatest victories found in the bible.

As a result, Rev. Harry Wallar felt impressed to “take back” peoples lives from the power of addictions, stereo-types, and the confines of their past. The Joshua House is the entry level care facility to get homeless people off of the streets and begin to affect change in their lives. Here are a few key points about the Joshua House:

  1.  62 Bed Mens Shelter
  2. Has the Ability to Sleep Up To 100 Nightly
  3. Full Laundry Facilities
  4. Full Shower Facilities
  5. Only Men’s Shelter in Southwest Iowa
  6. Facility Check in is from 4:00-6:00 P.M.

  Comfortable beds to sleep in...

  Joshua House Shelter...

  Full Laundry Facilities...(*all bedding is washed daily)